The Power of J.O.E


J- Just

O- Over Achieve

E- Every time

A Legend by the name of Joe Moses was born in London, raised in Long Island. In 1971, Joe moved to Los Angeles and has been a dedicated Angelo and Galaxy Fan ever since. For those 30 Years he has been dedicated to being successful whether that be in his coaching of soccer, skiing for fun, or providing local schools and businesses with affordable options for clothing as the owner of Uniformity. Joe is intense, hardworking, and energetic. He is seen on a daily basis overachieving. Both of his knees are gone from the physical demand and impact soccer and being athletic had on him but he is still lifting boxes, still hiking, still providing business to multiple schools in the LA Region. There is nothing Joe will ever back away from. Joe loves challenges, chaos, and family. Be more like Joe and Overachieve every time.


Whether you are a student who has assignments piling up: Just Over Achieve Every Time.

If you are a student who is unsure of themselves in the classroom: Just Over Achieve Every Time.

If you are a single parent finding it hard to keep up with the demands of being 2 parents in one and a breadwinner: Just Over Achieve Every Time.

If you are an employee who is struggling and comparing themselves to others: Just Over Achieve every time.


Everything you may do in life overachieve, be motivated and caring enough to overachieve and under promise. There is power in achievement and that power will be yours so long as you manage to motivate and care for yourself.

Always remember achievement is yours to consider and decide. Then once you know what that achievement is, under promise others and overachieve for yourself.

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