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5 Fool-proof methods for thriving in High School

Written by a College Student

5 Methods for Thriving in High School

High School



A place of learning, usually consists of grades 9-12. Often a cause of late nights finishing assignments, social anxiety, friday football games, feelings of stress, bordism, joy, and sorrow.

Set Goals-

Questions to ask yourself when setting goals:

What do I want to accomplish this semester? How can I get there?

What do I want to accomplish this year? What are ways in which I can accomplish my goal? Where do I want to see myself in 3 years?

What is my main goal or goals in life?

* Being able to assess your goals in life will allow you to have a motivation to accomplish them. Being apple to articulate your goals and aspirations in life allows you to be one step ahead of your peers and thrive.

Get Involved-

What clubs or sports can I get into that are interesting and beneficial for my growth in the future?

* If education after high school is something you feel you want to do, extracurricular activities and good grades will allow many prestigious universities to look at you as a possible candidate for their school.

Study Smarter not Harder

What is a smart, easy studying method that will allow me to retain information for upcoming tests?

* Once you figure out the best way you can study and retain the information being taught, you will see an improvement in your grades and your overall stress levels.

Be Authentic-

What is authenticity? How can I be my true self? How do I express myself?

*We need more main character energy in the world. Being authentic in the world is something that sets you apart from the crowd. It is better for your self fulfillment to be original rather than a product of imitation.

Be Motivated to be Successful

Define what success means to you. Is success working a 9-5 getting paid $25/hour? Is success getting your dream job right after college? Is success becoming famous, rich, or happy,well off, humble, and kind?

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